Sacred Acoustics

heart-anahata-chakraI first heard about Sacred Acoustics from a talk given by Dr. Eben Alexander on a DVD borrowed from a friend. (Thanks, B!).

While in a near-fatal coma, Alexander entered a realm of unconditional love and profound awareness of the nature of the universe, populated by angelic beings and a resonant, omnipotent and omniscient presence that he called “Om.”

I read about him about a year ago and you may have seen Dr. Alexander on the Dr. Oz show. This radiant state of total acceptance of who we are, says Dr. Alexander, is our birthright, and we can tap into it from this earthly plane. He recommended the free Sacred Acoustics Om Meditation download at their website.

I’m familiar with Binaural Beats meditations. Years ago I started meditating to Holosync’s Awakening Prologue and I have listened to several of  Monroe Institute’s Products and other Binaural Beat Audios.

But the first time I listened to this Sacred Acoustics Om Meditation audio, I wept! I’m not sure what happened, but it felt like I released an energy block that had been lodged for some time. This release felt quite freeing. I don’t know if you would have the same experience, or that I will repeat it; but if you decide to give the audio a try, I invite you to share your experience with the meditation in the comments below.

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